Washers for any type of job

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Hobko can provide you with just about any washer you might need in brass, nylon, fibre, self-colour steel, zinc plated steel or stainless.

The most common size is now metric although we can still obtain the old imperial sizes for some types of washer.


Washers come in all shapes, sizes and design, depending on their intended use. The most common types are:-


Flat Washer                    Common thicknesses are:- Form A and Form B, although we can obtain thicker, if required.

Spring Washer                Square or Rectangular                

Shake Proof Washer        Internal or External serrated

Mudguard Washer           Sometimes called a Penny or Repair Washer

Taper D Washer


We will always attempt to be competitive on price alone, but we also aim to go further, as we like to provide the solution to your fastening issue and are pleased to discuss and suggest options should you be unable to find what you need elsewhere.


So please contact us for a no obligation quote or ring to discuss your requirements as we may have the items you require in stock. If we do not have it in stock we will source/design or even have it manufactured for you.


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